Simplific And Oaortografia

The ultimate aim of every job, career, and specialty is to positively contribute toward the growth and well-being of humankind, i.e., the community. Photography is no exception. If you are into photography and want to use that skill for the betterment of society, there is always something extra you can add to make others happy and feel special. This article will discuss some of such tips from an expert to use photography for community support.

Tips from Ashwin Khubchandani 

Ashwin Khubchandani is an expert lifestyle photographer cum industrialist who used to give tips to novice and professional photographers for their skill enhancement. Here, we may discuss some classic tips from him on using photography for community support.

  • Photos of friends and family as a service

This is the most fundamental thing you can do as a professional photographer to offer quality photography to your friends and family as they need it. You may extend this favor to them during special events or professional purposes. Sometimes it may also be fun to surprise them with some random candid pictures of them you took at an event a long time ago.

  • Help a friend to build business

Quality photographs play a crucial role in business marketing. There may be many budding entrepreneurs in your friends’ circle, so go ahead and offer them help with your photography skills. Having customized photographs of their products and services to attract customers will set their business apart from the other businesses which use stock photography for their social media posts, websites, marketing flyers, etc. This will help your friends take their marketing efforts to the next level, and they will thankfully remember your service when their business flourishes.

  • Offering photography to tourists

When you are visiting a landmark destination or a tourist place where you see a family or couple whom you can help, always offer them your will to click their photographs to be emailed later. This is a simple but powerful gesture that can really go a long way. However, you need to be very sure that you do not intrude into anyone’s privacy without their solid agreement for the same.

  • Take pictures of community events

Maybe your family or kids will be involved in sporting or school events. The next time you are at such a place, along with your kids, click some random images of the event featuring others and offer those photographs to the other participants. This is a gesture of courtesy and a nice way to market your photography services if you are a professional.

  • Teach photography skills

If you are an expert with technical photography skills and enough experience, take some of your time to teach others. This may just involve some casual chats or creating a video to be posted on your YouTube channel, or some random reels for Instagram with photography tips and tricks, etc. This is a big leap in supporting the community by sharing your knowledge and helping others grow.

These are just a few ways suggested by Ashwin Khubchandani, and you can think of endless possibilities to help the community with your professional skills. The primary thing is to have an open will to serve the community in all humble ways you can.