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Here’s a dirty little marketing secret: if you want a keyword bad enough, and you have enough resources to put into getting it, you can make it your own. Google is getting smarter, but a dedicated SEO marketing team can influence its ranking, even if they’re not really offering what the searcher wants. This is done by targeting keywords that Google loves, such as:

Local SEO

Google gives local businesses a boost, as we have already discussed. This can provide a big boost to centralized SEO companies with a big local presence, but it doesn’t do much for companies like The Content Factory that work remotely and are spread out over multiple locations.

Domain authority

Domain authority refers to how much weight Google gives to a particular domain when it’s determining ranking. High domain authority means Google likes your website — you look like a legitimate organization, providing good content that people actually want. It makes it easier for your website to rise in the SERPs (search engines results pages), relative and to competitors.

Individual pages have their own page authority — a value based on how good that page looks to Google. Google will rank even the most unpopular pages if they like their domain.

That’s a little bit of an oversimplification. See, Google’s algorithms are secret. We know a lot of the factors they look for, but we don’t know the exact formulas that weigh them and come up with search results.

What are some tips for finding an excellent SEO company?

Marketers, that’s the thing, market. We’re good at telling stories that make us look good. That’s okay — it’s a sign of professionalism to present your own SEO company in a positive — but it means you’ve got to have your BS detector on high alert and do your due diligence. Overhype is a sign of trouble. It can take months for a new search engine strategy to get results, and it’s hard to predict how quickly a particular campaign will pay off. If they promise to double your traffic overnight, they’re full of it.

Transparency is key. At the Content Factory, we’re perfectly happy to tell you everything we’ll do for your company — we even offer training packages where we’ll teach you how to do it. A good company can have some proprietary strategies and tools, but if they can’t explain their basic process, move on.

It is a good sign that the agency is interested in your company. It shows that they’re interested in getting results for you, and want to make sure they have the right skills and experience to meet your needs. They should also ask about you:

History of the company

When was your foundation founded? What’s your mission? How big is your company Who are your customers?

Be wary of arrogance — however much experience they have in your industry, you’re still the expert on your company.

Messaging strategy

A lot of digital marketing companies handle PR and social media as well, but even if you’re just looking for a blog content writer, they’re going to be representing you, which means they need to get your voice right.

Marketers should know how you communicated with your audience. How do you communicate both formally and informally? Do you like any industry outlets or competitors? Is there a particular topic or style you dislike and would you rather avoid?

Marketing strategy and experiences

Unless you’re a brand new startup, an SEO consultant or company will be building on a marketing foundation you laid. They will want to learn about your blog strategy, social media activities, PR, and so forth.

Search engine marketers who are good will ask for results. They also try to learn from your failures and successes.

Marketing goals and SEO

Are you looking to drive more traffic for certain keywords that are valuable? Drive sales? Make your brand more memorable

Search engine optimization will be determined by your goals. To be able to create the best strategy, your agency must really care about what you are looking for.

In order to find a good SEO company, you must find one that understands your industry and your needs. Having good SEO skills isn’t enough. Although SEO agencies can generate a lot of traffic, not enough of it converts. Your agency will target the keywords that your customers are looking for, based on their research.

It’s also important to find a good SEO agency that isn’t just there to suggest keywords and write content. Your marketing team should be able to work with them and understand your marketing strategy. After all, marketing isn’t just confined to websites, radio ads, newsletters, or SEO — any strategy that works has to consider every medium your business is trying to target.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most arcane and mysterious aspects of online marketing. Many business owners are mystified by it, and even those who understand it often find it difficult to put into practice. However, SEO is one of the most important tools a business can use to increase its visibility online.

Arcane Marketing Idaho Falls SEO Company is a local business that specializes in helping businesses in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area improve their SEO ranking. Owner is a self-taught expert in the field, and he has been helping businesses achieve better visibility online for over 10+ years. In addition to his extensive knowledge of SEO and has a deep understanding of how Google works and what it takes to rank high on its search results pages.

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