Simplific And Oaortografia

Over the years I’ve seen the ever-changing landscape of the Church. Similar to the automobile industry, we see a new “improved model” of the church each year. There is such an ongoing change to the church which it has left your body of Christ with little recognizable Biblical characteristics. The first church was a compassionate body of Believers concerned with the well-being of others. If one was hurting, each of them hurt. If one celebrated a victory, each of them celebrated. If someone had a need, they helped meet that require. The New Testament church realized that as these were ministering to one another, these were actually ministering unto god, the father. (Matthew 25:31-46) The importance of this Scripture has been minimized to the idea of being declassified as information only. Whenever we do not act on the Word of God it becomes simply words without power.

THE BRAND NEW Testament church was a compassionate body of Believers. Compassion resulted in passion which displayed itself through action. A lot of the actions of the church today are motivated through personal choice. Christians have a tendency to be self-absorbing. When Christians tend to be more concerned with themselves they are with others it is named “mirror identity.” Once the church adopts that kind of “religion” they cease to be the Church.

Identity Christianity was on full display whenever a church recently didn’t identify one of these members who was simply suffering physically and mentally. This woman had lost her husband a few years ago and had didn’t come to grips with her loss. Throughout a twelve-month period, she deteriorated into circumstances of hopelessness. She neglected her hygiene as well as limited her caloric intake.

Her dog was left unattended and for that reason, defecated at home. Finally, a neighbor investigated this woman’s visual disappearance and found her sitting in her living room soaked in human waste. She was eventually taken up to the hospital and then transferred to a nursing home. Pipes had broken in her house triggering a deteriorating of a wholesome environment. The home was condemned. Sadly, this isn’t a distinctive case, but why is it so hard to understand is the fact that she was active in her local church, at least up to the previous few months. She sang in the choir and helped in several capacities whenever the need arose. Where were the Believers who stood on Sunday singing “Trust and Obey” but didn’t implement, “Pure and undefiled religion before God the daddy is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble.