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Direct marketing campaigns are great for boosting lead conversions and return on your investment. Small business owners should use direct marketing strategies to establish their presence in the market and expand their operations. You should create the right business message to reach out to the targeted customer with success. Planning is the key, and innovation helps every business owner generate outstanding revenue if marketing is done in the correct way. 

Daniel Klibanoff – An inspiring business leader and direct marketing specialist 

Daniel Klibanoff is a leading name in direct marketing and entrepreneurship in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. He is a widely respected and successful serial entrepreneur known for his excellent business acumen and innovative marketing skills. In 1982, he began his own company with just $500, and today, it is a leader in data and marketing solutions with an annual revenue turnover of more than a hundred million dollars!

Starting with your direct marketing campaigns 

When it comes to direct marketing, he believes in goodwill, and the customer should always be treated with integrity and respect. For every business owner, this is the key to consistent business growth and repute in the competitive market. 

Strategies for marketing should be customized to match the customer profile 

Direct marketing means you are reaching out to your customer with a specific business message. You need to ensure the right message reaches the customer who would be interested in your product/service. Market research helps you identify your targeted customer before creating the business message. 

You should segregate your targeted customers into small groups for outstanding success with your direct marketing campaigns. The division of these customers should be made on the basis of age, demographics, buying habits, gender, interests, etc. Each group will have a specific business message to bring you more lead conversions and return on investment. 

It becomes easier for you to create your direct marketing message when you have a specific group of targeted customers who might be interested in the product/service you wish to market.

The business message should be concise and to-the-point 

No one likes to read long messages, so the key to your business message is to keep it sweet and short! Do not forget to add a call-to-action to your message to guide your customers on what to do if they are ready to make the purchase. At the same time, if the call-to-action is a link to your product page or website, ensure it is working so that they face no problems. 

According to Daniel Klibanoff, small businesses can save a lot of money with the right direct marketing campaigns. They must devise the right marketing strategies to reach out to the targeted audience. Location and the channel embraced for spreading your business message are crucial. 

Social media, text, or emails are the primary channels to help you send out your business message to the targeted customer. In order to track the progress of your direct marketing campaigns, you can always resort to social media analytic tools like Facebook Insights to evaluate success, and to make any change in the campaign, in case the need arises!