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Being asked to give a keynote speech can be considered a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never given one before. You may even be wondering: exactly what is a keynote address?

Keynote speeches are essential and being asked to provide a keynote talk can be a great chance of you and your business. So, if you are asked, consider taking advantage of the chance. But first, you will have to learn a bit more about keynote speeches.

Exactly what is a Keynote Speech?

So, you’re probably wondering just what a keynote speech is and exactly how it differs from every other speech you may give. A keynote address is typically directed at set the theme for an event. Examples might include the key speaker at business conference or perhaps a guest speaker at a graduation.

Keynote speakers are occasionally well-known figures or even celebrities. In other instances, depending after the audience, they could just be someone who’s very accomplished in their field. Keynote speakers are often payed for their services and a specialist keynote speaker who’s popular can earn a lot. Even if you have never given a keynote message before, being asked to give the first is both an honor and a great opportunity.

Keynote speeches are usually based on the speaker’s own experience and knowledge. They can likewise incorporate motivational and inspirational elements. Effective keynote speakers often make use of storytelling as well. But the main factor for keynote message success is audience engagement. The keynote speaker must capture and contain the audience’s attention and set the tone for the whole event.

If you’re trying to learn in regards to a particular kind of public speaking, hearing a good example can help. One good exemplory case of a good keynote speech originates from Oprah Winfrey, who gave the keynote address at the 2018 commencement for the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Marketing Keynote Speakers: Online Marketing Strategy For My Keynote Speaking Business?

You need a customized inbound online marketing strategy for a motivational speaker and author.

It’s not only sustainable, it’s more effective.

Here’s why.

  1. Automation

Needless to say, using an inbound online marketing strategy doesn’t mean you’ll totally give up speaking or writing.

Nonetheless it will drive your speaking and writing.

Think about this:

You speak at a sizable event and 5,000 people attend. Throughout your talk, you provide audience the possibility to join your email list through a text. If half the audience goes through to your offer, you’ve just added 2,500 NEW contacts to your email list. Say only 10% of the audience joins. You still get 500 new contacts – hot leads, actually – instantly. They are people who saw you doing his thing and loved you enough that they made a decision to join board to you. You send these contacts some emails (a workflow) that educates them over a certain topic and grows your authority as a specialist.

You’re engaging these new contacts weekly and never have to travel and speak.

The last email of the workflow contains a special offer, for example, a webinar or Master Class for $299.

If 100 of the recipients choose to buy, you’ll make $29,900 in revenue from doing nothing other than setting everything up – and that’s just in a single month.

Fast-forward to your next keynote speaking engagement.

A similar thing happens: People sign up for your list, receive the workflow and buy your personal offer.

You’re making bank on a monthly basis from an automated system.

The potential will there be to make $30K on monthly basis from a system that you create with a  one-time 10-20 hour investment.

  1. Make Money When You Sleep

This process will also help you cut down on travel time. Let’s take the prior example a step further. Your $299 webinar or Master Class engaged 100 people, turning them into “hot leads.” Your next step is to consider these hot leads and provide them something a bit more in-depth and even more valuable, such as a Mastermind Group for $999. Maybe you’ll only get 20 people who bought the first offer who are ready and willing to invest in themselves again.

That’s another $20K of earnings you’re pulling down, together with the $30K you already made from the webinar or Master Class.

But you’re not quitting on individuals who didn’t spend money on the first product.

You’re going to send them yet another workflow.

Inbound marketing strategies keep things running behind the scenes while you’re spending more time at home with the family and perhaps catching up on some much-needed sleep.

You’re snoozing as well as your earnings is snowballing.

  1. Recurring Revenue

You decide to do have to get period to create the materials, but it’s all scalable therefore you won’t have to employ a 15-person team.

But you will need some help. As an inbound marketing agency, our specialty is helping keynote speakers and authors like you build a customized strategy to grow profits using digital courses.

Our strategy looks like this:

Develop a small-ticket item to get visitors to join your email list. Examples: free ebook download, a physical book they purchase, a speaking event, etc.

Nurture them to buying a higher-priced item. Next, offer them a straight bigger-ticket item. Then grab the top guns – a subscription product.

Getting Started

There’s an audience out there that requires your specific knowledge. But a crazy travel schedule isn’t sustainable. An inbound online marketing strategy that’s customized for motivational speakers and authors gives you to generate the career you’ve always dreamed of.